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I enjoy brioche too.
It had to be mentioned. Somewhere.

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colormymemory replied to your post:
Hope you’re having a good new year! I’ve been a bit mia too. Busy bees.

I am I am! And I sure missed you on my dash! What have you been up to?

ofpiratesandsaviors said: i missed seeing you here, good to see that life has been exciting for you! ((:

Thank you darling! I hope everything’s been great for you too these past few weeks :)

hey guys!


first, I wish you all a terrific year, full of love, wealth, health and success (you know the usual)

i’m really sorry i’ve kind of been mia these past few weeks but between moving, starting a new job and all kinds of exciting stuff, tumblr hasn’t been a priority

now everything has pretty much been sorted out, i should be around more often

i love you and miss you all xx

Emma and Hook’s Journey Part 1





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Captain Hook’s Big Dumb Crush on Emma Swan Continued


he’s like a little girl. he, like, writes all over his notebook, “mr. emma swan” and he made this t-shirt that says “I heart Emma” and he wears it under all his clothes




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